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Healthcare Data Solutions, LLC is a developer of healthcare, web-based applications and a provider of ancillary services supporting various health programs and audits through our proprietary "q." application. We are focused on addressing physicians and health plans needs to manage quality of care, related health care financing and administration.

Our suite of product q. is developed with Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) regulations in mind and promptly reflect any changes introduced by HHS. To assure best market practices, we build our products in close cooperation with industry insiders. All development work is conducted with input from seasoned health plans, medical groups and physicians with high market penetration.

We work closely with our clients, before and after implementation, to customize the product to their specific needs and requirements. Our q. application can be installed individually or as a complete solution on-site or through a hosted system. In addition, we provide a number of supporting services that enhance the use of our applications and clients’ Return on Investment. Our most popular services include medical chart retrieval, specialized chart reviews and home health assessments, all performed within your select application.

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